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Lisa Haley Avatar
Lisa Haley
Shrine Studios is where you go if you are an artist that wants a #1 hit produced! The equipment is state of the art, and the producers and engineers are Grammy award winning legends, no matter what genre of music. Shrine Studios is professional, friendly, fun, and most importantly, their love of music and years of experience makes an artist feel like they just came home!
Selekta Dj Dennis Avatar
Selekta Dj Dennis
Simon and his wife, and the amazing team at Shrine run Vegas' largest Electronic Dance Music station, on 99.7 VIBE FM. solid music all day long, guests from all over the world. I got invited a few times to have some promo mixes showcased, and just recently was invited to play live and I studio. treated like family thruought the entire experience. TOP NOTCH!!
Damien Bartlett Avatar
Damien Bartlett
I made the sweet song at home and I heard you guys were the best at mastering. If i brought you the stems, would you be able to help me make the song sound great?
Melvin “empty.?” Alexander Alvarado Avatar
Melvin “empty.?” Alexander Alvarado
Some of the most amazing work and music, that I’ve seen and heard from a studio! This is the place to go if you want to hit the next level in your music career!
Anja Ryssaert Avatar
Anja Ryssaert
Great team of sound engineers State of the art equipment Remixes or originals and all genres You won't be disappointed
youri ardenoy Avatar
youri ardenoy
This recording studio is not only an amazing space to get creative, they have a dedicated group of people with a vast array of knowledge. Let them take it to the next level.
Zoë Avatar
Absolutely incredible space with an amazing team
Terbo Ted Avatar
Terbo Ted
incredible new production facility with some of my favorite local producers and engineers. Honored to have walked through its earliest stages and can't wait for the full buildout. Will definitely create some great new music there this year!
James Bonzai Caruso Avatar
James Bonzai Caruso
So excited for Shrine Studio’s new buildout! Such a great team of people here! Focused and professional. Along side VIBE 99.7FM.
Jason Rosenberg Avatar
Jason Rosenberg
The Motown of EDM. Nothing like it in the world
Christina Carballo Avatar
Christina Carballo
Love it when acid spins live!!
Skyler Villain Avatar
Skyler Villain
Amazing space!