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Introduction to Ableton 11

  • author-icon Alex Alva & Ocean of Pages
  • time-iconDuration: 3hrs
  • price-iconPrice per seat: $149
  • cal-icon Wednesday, April 3rd 7PM - 10PM
  • time-iconDuration: 3hrs
  • price-iconPrice per seat: $149


Introduction to Ableton 11

If you’ve made the choice to venture into music production or perhaps you’re switching your DAW and exploring Ableton, then this workshop is the perfect starting point for you! This engaging and interactive workshop is designed to guide you through the process of building your own track from the ground up. Starting with the basics of opening Ableton Live 11 for the first time, setting up your audio preferences, creating basic beats, introduction to automation, arranging, and basic mixing – this workshop covers everything essential to master the fundamental basics of music production using this fantastic software.

what’s covered

  • Introduction
  • Audio Setup
  • User Interface
  • Session View
  • Arrangement View
  • Drum Rack
  • Basic Beat
  • Hats & Percussion
  • Simpler
  • Bass
  • Synth Pad
  • Chord Stabs
  • Arrangement
  • Transitions & Snare Rolls
  • Automation
  • Mixdown
  • Exporting
  • Q&A