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Introduction to Mastering Workshop

  • author-iconSimon Apex
  • time-iconDuration: 3hrs
  • price-iconPrice per seat: $99
  • cal-icon Wednesday, April 17th 7PM - 10PM
  • time-iconDuration: 3hrs
  • price-iconPrice per seat: $99


If you’ve ever found yourself a bit perplexed about mastering and how it can enhance your music, then this workshop is tailored just for you!

This beginner’s guide to mastering workshop is designed to provide you with a strong foundational understanding of what mastering involves, the reasons behind mastering your tracks, how to master your tracks, and the processes employed to achieve a polished, impactful sound that resonates well on any playback device.

what’s covered

  • Introduction
  • Creating a solid mastering chain of plugins
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Stereo space
  • Soft clipping
  • Gain staging
  • Limiting
  • Loudness
  • Exporting finished master